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  • Del Rio Boysenberries- 12 pint case 


  • Gold Bar Zucchini- from Capay Organic. 22# case, or by the pound.
  • Black Plums (So. Cal)
  • Crenshaw Melons (So. Cal)- dense, tender aromatic salmon-orange flesh that is both sweet and spicy. Available by the 5/6 count case.
  • Juan Canary Melons- very fragrant with pale green to cream colored flesh, crisp and firm with delicate, sweet flavor. Its aromatics linger with nuances of banana and pineapple and a slightly musky finish. Available by the 5/6 count case.
  • Galia Melons- ultra sweet and exceptionally juicy, light green smooth textured flesh that tastes like a cross between a Cantaloupe and a Honeydew. Available by the 5/6 count case.
  • Living Microgreens- Red Kingdom Mizuna, Tatsoi, Red Russian Kale. Intense flavor, cost effective, ready-to-trim. 8-cell flat.

  • Coral Cherries (Yuba City)- Organic from Feather River Farms. Low-acid cherry with glossy, dark flesh, balanced sweet/tart flavor, firm texture and larger size, similar to Bing. Available by the 18# case, or by the pound.
  • Acai- Taylor de Luna, owner of Stay Bowled, recently sampled our Acai and raved about the thickness, higher quality and superior flavor. He is now switching from the previous brand he was using! We offer frozen 100g pouches (64 pouches/case), $54.75.

finishing soon

  • Delta Asparagus- Finishing this weekend. Next week we will move back to 11# cases from Mexico.
  • Blood Oranges
  • Cara Cara Oranges
  • Murcott Tangerines
  • Kumquats
  • Ramps
  • Nettles


  • Fava Greens
  •  Del Rio Red Frisee- LIMITED/GAPPING
  • Spring (Green) Garlic


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    Our Local Farm

    Del Rio Botanicals, growing a unique blend of organically grown products year round, supplying our local chefs with the best in organic produce.
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    Our Dairy Products

    Clover Stornetta products start from milk sourced from a large group of family run dairy farms located in Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino counties.
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    Our Specialty Products

    From locally grown cold-pressed virgin olive oils and small batch vinegars to dried fruits and nuts and excellent canned tomato products, you will find it all right here...
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    Our Cheeses

    We offer a variety of farmstead cheeses produced by local family farmers who use sustainable farming practices and maintain a hormone free herd that grazes freely on organic green pasture.
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