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"A Day without immigrants"a day without immigrants

On Thursday February 16, 2017, sparked by the arrest of 600 undocumented immigrants last week, thousands of people are expected to participate in a nationwide protest. The call to action encourages immigrants to refrain from going to work or school to show the impact that immigrants have on many industries in our country. This boycott could have a visible impact on area restaurants and farms, some of which depend on immigrant labor. 

We support this movement and any of our employees that wish to participate. In spite of this, our hard working employees have states they will support the cause while still coming to work and ensuring there is no disruption in service. Several of our local farms have informed us that this will greatly impact their ability to harvest. In addition, many Bay Area produce distributors will be closed tomorrow which makes it extremely difficult for us to conduct normal business. Please bear with us as supply and availability will be very limited. 

If you have questions or need further explanation, please contact your Sales Representative or call the office at 916-446-8918.

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    Our Local Farm

    Del Rio Botanicals, growing a unique blend of organically grown products year round, supplying our local chefs with the best in organic produce.
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    Our Dairy Products

    Clover Stornetta products start from milk sourced from a large group of family run dairy farms located in Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino counties.
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    Our Specialty Products

    From locally grown cold-pressed virgin olive oils and small batch vinegars to dried fruits and nuts and excellent canned tomato products, you will find it all right here...
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    Our Cheeses

    We offer a variety of farmstead cheeses produced by local family farmers who use sustainable farming practices and maintain a hormone free herd that grazes freely on organic green pasture.
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