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Local Farm Availability - October 16, 2018

ray yeung farm
Acorn Squash- 35# case or per piece Kabocha Squash- 35# case or per piece
Butternut Squash- 35# case or per piece Spaghetti Squash- 35# case or per piece
Delicata Squash- *DONE* Red Kuri Squash- 35# case only
 Traditional Orange Pumpkin- per piece Blue Pumpkin- per piece 
White Pumpkin- per piece French Red Pumpkin- per piece
***Heirloom Tomatoes***
Green Tomatoes- 20# case only Toy Box Case- 10# case
Green Zebra- 10# case Carolina Gold- 10# case
Pink Brandywine- 10# case Cherokee Purple- 10# case
Pineapple- 10# case True Vine Roma- 10# case
Black Pineapple- 10# case  Shady Lady True Vine Ripe- 20# case
Black Prince- 10# case Evergreen- 10# case
Black Zebra- 10# case Slim Roma- 10# case
Giant Black Zebra- 10# case Patty's Striped Beefsteak- 10# case


 larsen apple barn logo
Fuji Apples- 40# case only Braeburn Apples- 40# case only
Winesap Apples- 40# case only Pippin Apples- 40# case only
Jonathan Apples- 40# case only Gala Apples- 10# case or 40# case
Granny Smith Apples- 40# case only Rome Apples- 40# case only 
Golden Delicious Apples- 40# case only  


stillwater orchards logo
Bartlett Pears- 40# case (80ct), pound, or piece Red Stark Crimson Pears- *DONE*
Bosc Pears- 40# case, pound, or piece Comice Pears- 20# case only
French Butter Pears- 20# case only Seckel Pears- 20# case only


riverdog farm logo

Rainbow Chard- 12 bunch case Dino Kale- 12ct case
Tokyo Turnips- 24ct case Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes- 12 pint case
Mixed Eggplant- 10# case Padron Pepper- 5# case
Nicola Potatoes- 25# case Jimmy Nardello Peppers- 10# case
Yellow Finn Potatoes-25# case Gypsy Peppers (colored)- 10# case
German Butterball Potatoes- 25# case Shishito Pepper- 5# case


j j ramos

 twin peaks orchards logo
***Stonefruit and Asian Pears are done for the season** 
**Persimmons, Satsuma Mandarins, Blood Oranges, and other citrus coming soon (mid to late October)**


del rio botanical logo

***In Stock ***In Stock
Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes- 12 pint case  Salad Mix with Petals and Herbs- 2# case
Finger Limes- clamshell Braising Mix-4# case
Squash Blossoms- 25ct case Arugula- 4# case
Baby Mixed Squash- 10# case *FINISHING* Red Frisee- 4# case *LIMITED*
Teenage Mixed Squash- 10# case *FINISHING*  Mixed Cucumbers- *DONE*
 Armenian Cucumbers- *DONE* Lemon Cucumbers- *DONE*
Citrone Cucumbers- *DONE*  
***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order *** All items below require a 48 hour pre-order
Citrone Cucumbers- 10# case Avocado Leaves- 50ct case
Beet Greens- 2# case Fig Leaves- 10ct case
Fava Greens- 2# case Qualite- 2# case
Green Mustard Frisee- 2# case Lambs Quarters- 2# case
Chard- red, green, or gold (specify desired color) Pea Shoots- 1# case
Kale- Red Russian or Dino/Lacinata- 2# Herbs: Tarragon, Rosemary Skewers, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Parsley, Hop Cone Thyme- 1# 
Sorrel- Wood, Lamb (very small leaf), French or Italian- 2# case  Quail Eggs- 12 count


dwelley farms logo
White Corn- 48ct case or per piece Cranberry Beans- 15# case only *LIMITED*
Yellow Corn- 48ct case or per piece Yellow Wax Beans- 15# case or by the pound
Bluelake Beans- 30# case or by the pound French Beans- *DONE*
Romano Beans- 15# case or by the pound  Pluots- *DONE*

Toy Box Case- 22# *LIMITED*  Yellow Squash- 25# case or by the pound *LIMITED* 
Gold Bar Squash- 22# case or by the pound *LIMITED* Italian Squash (Zucchini)- 25# case or per pound *LIMITED*
Sunburst Squash- *DONE* Summer Squash- *DONE*
Ronde Nice (Eightball)- *DONE*  


vierra farms logo
Yellow Corn- 48ct case or per piece White Corn- 48ct case or per piece

Dino/Lacinato Kale- 12ct case Collard Greens- 12 bunch case or by the bunch
Green Chard- 12 bunch case or by the bunch Rainbow Chard- 12 bunch case

j marchini farms logo

Radicchio- 12 ct case or by the each Fennel- 12ct case
Castelfranco- 10ct case Treviso- 10ct case
Mixed Chicory- 12ct case  

california endive farms logo

***Please see alert on our homepage***
Belgian Endive- 8# case, or by the piece Red Endive- 8# case
Mixed Endive- 8# case Coraline Chicory- 3# case

Little Gem- 24ct. case Peeled Mixed Carrot- 5# case
Baby Red Romaine- 24ct. case Peeled Baby Carrot- 5# case
Lola Rosa- 24ct case  Mixed Radish- 24ct. case
Baby Mixed Lettuce-24ct case Celery Root- 12ct case
Baby Turnips- 24ct. case Baby Purple Brussels Sprouts- 5# case *PRE-ORDER*
Baby Gold Beets- 24ct. case Baby Red Beets- 24ct. case
Baby Chioga (striped) Beets- 24ct. case Baby Mixed Beets- 24ct. case

dragon gourmet mushrooms logo

Oyster- 5# case White Beech (pre-order)- 4# case
Shiitake- 5# case Brown Beech- 4# case
Eryngii/Trumpet Royale- 5# case Lion's Mane- 5# case **LIMITED**


maciel farms
Italian Squash- 25# case or per pound Yellow Squash- 22# case or per pound


capay organic logo

Nantes Carrots- 12 bunch case  

**We look forward to Frog Hollow Apricots in the spring.**

***Local Melons from Ron Kelley are done for the season.**


**Figs are done for the season from Windmill**