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Market Movers - Week of June 11, 2018

week of june 11, 2018



  • AVOCADO: Market slightly stronger. Still a large price spread between California and Mexican fruit. We will continue to source both as long as quality justifies using both.
  • ARTICHOKES: Coastal growers have steady supplies of all sizes.
  • BERRIES: Strawberries– market very soft due to cooler than normal temps. All three regions are still harvesting. Shelf life slightly less than expected due to fog/moisture in Watsonville & Salinas. Blackberries– finishing in Mexico and slow to start in California. Market up drastically into mid-high $30’s. Blueberries– down slightly into mid $20’s. Raspberries- continue to be strong in the mid $30’s.
  • ASPARAGUS: California season ending very soon. Salinas Valley growers still packing 28# cases. Delta has finished; California may finish as early as this weekend. We will be forced to transition into 11# cases from Mexico.
  • CITRUS: Oranges– Navels are finished. All sizes are now California grown Valencias, including Juice Oranges. Cara Cara, Blood Oranges, Tangerines, and Kumquats- all finished for the season. Meyer Lemons– now imported and very expensive. Limes– market has slid into mid $20’s. Lemons– market will get stronger as Southern California growing regions heat up.
  • BEANS: Bluelakes, French, Romano, and Yellow Wax– have been outstanding from Dwelley Farms. We are also stocking trimmed French from Mexico. Please specify local or trimmed French when ordering.
  • FIGS: California grown Black Mission Figs have started. Local Del Rio figs should start in 2 weeks or less.
  • BROCCOLI: Market still strong on bunched and crowns from Salinas Valley.
  • GRAPES: California red and green grapes now in stock. Black grapes available by the case only.
  • BROCCOLINI: Grown in Salinas/Watsonville. This is a better substitute for Mexican grown asparagus.
  • MELONS: Cantaloupe and Honeydews– California grown crop now available; market in high teens. Mixed Melons, Canary, Casaba, Crenshaw, Galia, and Santa Claus– available by the variety or a mixed case.
  • CAULIFLOWER: Market easing into mid-teens.
  • STONEFRUIT: Yellow & White Peaches and Nectarines– available from Twin Peaks Orchard. Plums, Pluots, and Apricots available from Southern growers.
  • CORN: White Corn– starts this week from Dwelley Farms in Brentwood. Yellow Corn– will continue to come from Coachella for 7-10 days. Quality has been very good.


  • LETTUCE: All varieties are back down to seasonal norms. All lettuces are grown in Salinas/Watsonville growing area.


  • PEPPERS: Bell Peppers– California growers finally harvesting greens, reds, and golds. Market should start to ease as supply catches up to demand.
  • SQUASH: Local growers, Castaneda and Maciel, begin this week. Cooler nights slowing growth. Quantities and varities will be limited to start. Toy Box Squash– available by the 22# case.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Spring Garlic– done. Spring White & Red Onions– finishing soon.