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Market Outlook - March 21, 2018

carrot varieties

While they are available year-round, spring is a popular time of year for Carrots. They are a good late-season crop that can tolerate frost. In fact, they prefer to be grown during the cooler ends of the growing season—spring and fall. Carrots are an extremely versatile vegetable that can be blended into soups, roasted, grilled, sauteed, juiced, and even enjoyed as dessert! From bright, crunchy salads to sweet, slow-cooked sides, Carrots are a wonderful kitchen staple. We offer the following varieties:

  • Nantes Carrots- a French heirloom variety with an almost perfectly cylindrical shape, rounded at the top and root ends, and are distinctly sweeter than other carrots. Nantes' have smooth skin and a crisp texture. Available by the 24 bunch case only.
  • Ice Bunched Carrots– best quality and flavor, medium size, with tops. Available in a 24 bunch case only.
  • Rainbow Bunched Carrots– 24 bunch case only
  • Baby Orange Carrots– 24 bunch case only
  • Baby Mixed Carrots– a variety of colors in a 24 bunch case only\
  • Peeled Baby Bunch Carrots– 5# case
  • Peeled Mixed Baby Carrots– 5# case
  • Baby Round Carrots– aka “Thumbelina” carrots. Available in a 24 bunch case only.

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Market Outlook - March 15, 2018

delta asparagus

The transition to Delta Asparagus is finally happening! We have received a limited supply of our first of the season Delta Asparagus. As exciting as this is, we need to preface this by saying that supplies will be tight at first which may cause us to have to occasionally supplement our warehouse with deliveries of California Asparagus (not from the Delta). It is possible that you will receive Delta Asparagus on one delivery and California on the next. As supplies catch up in the coming weeks, we will not have the need to supplement with Southern California ‘grass’. Asparagus is packed in five sizes: Pencil, Standard, Large, X-tra Large and Jumbo. The size of the asparagus you choose should be determined by how you intend to cook it. Pencil (about the diameter of a pencil) is best for sauté/ stir-frys and very quick cooking. Standard (roughly the diameter of your pinky finger) is the most common size and is great blanched in chilled salads or cold appetizers. Large (the diameter of your index finger) is great for grilling as it will allow you to add a nice char and still be al dente. Xtra-Large and Jumbo (about the diameter of your thumb) is perfect for longer cooking applications like roasting or braising. It is important to know that size has no bearing on flavor or color. Both Delta Asparagus and California Asparagus packed in 28# cases only.

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Market Outlook - March 8, 2018

The Impossible burger

After receiving requests from several restaurants, Produce Express now offers the Impossible Burger- a meatless burger that "bleeds", sears, and tastes like a real beef burger. Since its introduction in 2016, the Impossible Burger, has been added to hundreds of menus across the states from burger joints to high end restaurants like Nishi in New York and Jardinière in San Francisco. The creators of the Impossible Burger spent five years researching the texture and flavor of beef. The result is a rich and decadent meatless burger that will satisfy vegetarians and appeal to meat eaters. The ingredients include: (1) wheat protein for firmness and chew, (2) potato protein allows the burger to hold water and transition from a softer state to a more solid state during cooking (it can be cooked to any temperature), (3) coconut oil for fat (4) heme for the "meat" flavor and “bleeding” effect. Heme is an iron-containing molecule that occurs naturally in plants and animals. The protein, iron, and fat content in the Impossible Burger are comparable to conventional 80/20 ground beef. Click here for a full ingredient list, nutritional information, environmental benefits, and more details about heme in the Impossible Burger.

We offer the Impossible Burger two ways:

  • Pre-formed Patties– 40/4oz burgers (10# case), $126.75.
  • Bulk Ground- great for meatballs, tacos, a variety of ground meat applications, "meat" sauces, customizing the form and thickness of your patties, and more. 20# case, $247.75.

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