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Market Outlook - March 1, 2018

new local cheeses

LAURA CHENEL’S: Located in Sonoma, CA since the 1970’s, Laura Chenel’s cheeses are known for their distinctive flavor and texture. Their cheeses are crafted using fresh goat milk from family-raised goats in California and Nevada. In addition to offering Laura Chenel’s Cabecou (3.5#), Spicy Cabecou (3.5#), and Tome (4# wheel), we are excited to introduce the following new cheeses:

  • Soft & Creamy Spreadable Goat Cheese– a favorite among chefs for 20 years, Laura Chenel’s soft and creamy goat cheese is perfect for spreadable applications like sandwiches and wraps, melts perfectly into sauces, mixes with herbs for fillings, and makes a fluffy, luscious goat cheesecake. Available by the 4# container.
  • Goat Cheese Crumbles– extremely versatile cheese ideal for spicing up salads, pizzas, paninis, pastas, and more. Available by the 2# bag.
  • Chives & Shallots– fresh shallots add a hint of sweetness to the fresh goat cheese flavor, balanced by the herbaceous notes from the chives. Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, bagels, cheese boards and more. Available by the 3.5oz medallion.
  • Sundried Tomato & Basil– the savory sun-dried tomato flavor is counter-balanced by the subtle basil and green pepper notes, enhancing the clean and creamy texture. Available by the 3.5oz medallion.
  • Poppy Seed & Peppercorn– while the poppy seeds add a nutty flavor, the crushed peppercorns liven up the fresh taste of chevre by adding a slightly hot, yet sweet, flavor. Available by the 3.5oz medallion.

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Market Outlook - February 22, 2018

local green garlic

Organic Green Garlic is back from Riverdog Farm! Also known as Spring Garlic, green garlic is celebrated by chefs for its delicate flavor. Unlike mature garlic, Green Garlic bulbs are fresh (not dried) resulting in a more sweet, and less spicy, flavor profile. Green Garlic is excellent when used for soups, stocks, poaching liquids, broths, purees, and sauces. Available by the 10# case or by the pound. Riverdog Farms is a 450 acre, certified organic family farm located in Capay Valley, CA. Tim Mueller and Trini Campbell, along with their daughter, and over 100 employees, grow a variety of organic produce, nuts, grains, and raise chickens and pigs. The rich creek bottom soil and ideal climate results in nearly year round crops. Riverdog produce is ‘picked to order’ and delivered to our warehouse 2-3 times per week.

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Market Outlook - February 12, 2018


Chicories and Endives are a closely related group of leafy vegetables that exhibit a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and flavors. Though available year round, chicories are considered cool weather crops and flourish at this time of year. Chicories are quite versatile and may be used in any manner of culinary techniques. Chicories and Endives are excellent in salads, and have a sturdy texture that is great for both braising and grilling. We are pleased to offer the following varieties:

From J. Marchini Farm in LeGrand, CA:

  • Radicchio– globe shaped, similar looking to a small head of red lettuce or cabbage with a distinctive bitter flavor. 12 count case or each.
  • Treviso– a radicchio with romaine shaped heads of red and white. 12 count case or each.
  • Castelfranco– seasonal variety with the mildest flavor of all the chicories. Individual heads with attractive purple red flecked, creamy white leaves. 12 count case or each.
  • Mixed Chicory– a “Toy-Box” of Treviso, Castelfranco and Radicchio. 12 count case.

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