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Due to the voluntary withdrawal of Romaine and Romaine products by the FDA and CDC, many lettuces, spinaches and salad mixes are very limited. We are currently in transition from Northern growing regions to Southern growing regions. Most items were short due to this transition. Adding the additional withdrawal of romaine from the market only further limited availability. Prices have risen dramatically. Below is a list of items affected along with a summary of availability and price adjustment:


Item  Availability Demand Market
 Iceberg Lettuce Below Normal Tripled High $50s
Green Leaf Lettuce Below Normal Doubled Mid $50s
Butter Lettuce Below Normal Tripled Mid $50s
Tossed Salad Very Limited Doubled High $20s
Shredded Lettuce Very Limited Doubled High $20s
Green Leaf Filets Limited Doubled  High $30s
Spring Mix Below Normal Tripled Up Slightly
Organic Spring Mix Below Normal Doubled Up Slightly
Arcadia Mix Very Limited Doubled High $30s
Baby Mix Lettuce Very Limited  Doubled Up Slightly
Little Gem Lettuce Very Limited Tripled Mid $40s
Artisan Romaine Not Available    
Artisan Mix Limited Doubled Unknown
Baby Spinach Below Normal Doubled  Up Slightly

Other items drastically above normal pricing due to slow growth and limited supplies from the desert region and Mexico include: Broccoli • Broccoli Crowns • Broccoli Buds • Cauliflower • Cauliflower Buds • Green Onions • Bell Pepper (Green, Red, and Yellow) • Tomatoes (all sizes and shapes)