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Market Outlook - February 13, 2020

early spring produce

Red Spring Onions (10# case—Coke Farms) Spring Onions are sweeter and more mellow than regular onions, but the greens are more intense in flavor than scallions. Spring Onions look similar to scallions but they have a small onion bulb at the base, that can be red or white, depending on the variety. They are wonderful grilled, roasted whole, or used like pearl onions.

Spring Garlic (10# or pound– Riverdog Farm) Green Garlic is loved by chefs for its light, delicate flavor. It is the same variety as regular garlic, but its bulbs have not yet matured into the pungent bulbs of common garlic. Quite sharp when raw, it mellows when cooked and is ideal for infusing sweet garlic flavor into soups, stocks, poaching liquids and broths; blends well with veggies, and makes a great addition to purees and sauces, as well as pasta fillings and risottos.

Nantes Carrots (24ct case– Capay Organic)- Nantes are a French heirloom variety with smooth skin and an almost perfect cylindrical shape. Nantes are distinctly sweeter than other carrots and are rounded at the top and tip.

Fava Greens (2# case– Del Rio Botanical)– With mildly sweet flavor and buttery texture, these greens can be used just like spinach or pea tendrils. Mix them into salads, sauté or wilt them into pasta or risotto.

Pea Tendrils (2# case– Del Rio)– Soft leaves with curly tendrils that can be used raw in salads, or wilt/sauté into soups and stir-frys.

Nettles (2# case– Del Rio)- Also known as stinging nettles. When handling raw nettles, you should wear gloves to avoid their “sting”. However, cooking nettles will remove their sting. Cooked nettles are similar in flavor to spinach and can be used in pastas, soups, sauces, and as a vegetable component.

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Market Outlook - February 6, 2020


TCHO chocolate factory is located in Berkley, CA, where their complex chocolates are created with the highest quality flavor and flawless performance in mind. We offer the following varieties:

39% Cacao Milk Chocolate (6.6# bag)- A classic milk chocolate with rich caramel notes, hints of butterscotch and honey.
53% Cacao Milk Chocolate (6.6# bag)- A dark milk chocolate with a rich, fudgy flavor and creamy finish.
60.5% Cacao Semi-Sweet Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- Complex chocolatey notes with hints of raisins, vanilla and a lingering caramel finish.
66% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate (6.6# bag)- Warm complex cocoa notes with hints of dried cherries, currants and roasted coffee.
68% Chocolately Dark Chocolate (6.6# bag)- Robust cocoa richness with notes of roasted coffee, nuts, and raisins.
81% Extra Dark Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- Sharp, bright, acidic flavor balanced by rich and fudgy notes. This decadent chocolate also has hints of almond, hazelnut, and tangy dried cherry.
99% Unsweetened Chocolate (6.6# bag)- Smooth, complex, and rich, this unsweetened chocolate has hints of espresso with a toasted undertone.
100% Cocoa Powder (4.4# bag)- Very versatile, all natural, high fat cocoa powder made with no chemical processing. Rich chocolate flavors are balanced with delicate acidity. Ideal for baking, ice cream, and garnishing.
100% Roasted Cocoa Nibs (3.3# bag)- Deep, nutty, and toasty chocolate flavor with hints of chicory and coffee, these cocoa nibs have a crunchy, nut-like texture. Great for garnishing, incorporating into marinades or sauces, or sprinkling on ice cream.
Drinking Chocolate (6.6# bag)- TCHO Drinking Chocolate is made from ground up dark chocolate bars to create an intensely rich, deep fudgy flavor. Reminiscent of decadent European-style drinking chocolate, TCHO’s not-too-sweet version is perfect for making a cozy cup of extraordinary hot chocolate. You can also use the drinking chocolate for any iced chocolate drink, chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse, and more!

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Market Outlook - January 20, 2019


frozen fields 300x300
The recent freezing temperatures in several growing regions have caused significant harvesting and growing issues. Numerous crops have been affected throughout California and Arizona. Rain, freezing nightly temperatures, below-average daytime highs, and high winds have caused damage to crops such as lettuce, spinach, arugula, broccoli, herbs, and many more. These weather related issues include:
  • A higher chance of mold, mildew, and disease
  • Dehydrated leaves or stems
  • Brittle product
  • Oxidation (pink ribs)
  • Discoloration in leaves
  • Fringe burn
  • Blistering
  • Shorter shelf life
It can take many weeks for plants to recover, if at all. Freeze damage has made evaluating fields and upcoming supplies very difficult. Long-range forecasts show freezing temperatures are expected to continue. As a direct result, the fields are also experiencing lower yields. All of these factors have caused an increase in pricing, even in crops that typically have a steady market.
If you have any questions, please reach out to your sales rep or to our office during normal business hours. We will provide updates as they are available.

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