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Market Outlook - December 5, 2019


romanesco st 300x300Although available year-round, many vegetables in the brassica family are recognized as “cool season” crops. The most familiar brassicas include Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbages, Brussels Sprouts, Radishes, and Turnips. Here are a few items from the brassica family that flourish in the cold weather:

Romanesco– Striking in appearance, Romanesco is an heirloom cauliflower; the florets form a pyramid of spiraling, pointed cones. It is sweet with a mild nutty flavor without the somewhat pungency of cauliflower. 6-8ct case.

Carnival Cauliflower– Available in a 6ct mixed case of two orange, two purple, and two green. Individual colors are available by the case- purple (9ct), orange (9ct), and green (12ct).

Kohlrabi– Distinct protruding stalks topped with collard like leaves. Kohlrabi has tough, green outer skin and whitish/ green, firm, crunchy flesh with a flavor similar to broccoli. Roast or steam them for stir-fries and pasta, puree into a soup, or toss them in a salad. You can also grate them to make fritters or a delicious slaw. 12ct case.

Brussels Sprouts– A very versatile winter vegetable. Brussels may be steamed, roasted, braised, sliced, shredded, or sautéed. 25# case or by the pound.

Baby Radishes– Easter Egg and French Breakfast radish avail-able by 24 bunch case. Full size Purple Daikon is available by the 10# case from Riverdog Farm. Full size Watermelon and Black Radish are also available from Riverdog by the pound.

Turnips– Tokyo Turnips and Scarlett Queen Turnips are both available from Riverdog Farm by the 10# case.

giusto's Vita Grain

paragarys fettuccini mc 300x300Giusto’s was founded on the premise of providing high quality, freshly milled, flours and natural baking ingredients of all types, including those for breads, cakes, and pizzas. To maintain their high quality standards, they purchase grains from an established network of farmers who grow premium varieties of grains exclusively for Giusto’s year after year. They mill their own flour, in South San Francisco, using a variety of techniques including true stone milling on rare 30” Meadows stones. We are pleased to offer Giusto’s Specialty Flours by the 25# bag.
All Purpose Flour- Unbleached enriched flour made from Hard Red Winter Wheat. 11% protein.
Organic “All Family” Flour- Unbleached all-purpose flour made from Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat. 11% protein.
Semolina- Produced from enriched Durum Wheat, this high protein granular flour is ideal for pasta and bread making.
“00” High Protein Flour- European-style proprietary blend of select whole wheat flours that works perfectly for tender thin-crust pizza, pasta and breads.
Rice Flour- Fine textured white rice flour. An excellent ingredient in making gluten free pastries, pasta and bread.

jones and co. vanilla, sugar, and extracts

jones and co peppermint extract 300x300We partner with a locally based company, Jones & Co., to source high quality vanilla, vanilla products, and baking ingredients from small vanilla bean farmers in remote growing regions around the world. Products are packed in Auburn. We proudly offer the following:

NEW! Peppermint Extract (quart)– Just in time for the holidays! Perfect addition for a peppermint twist on seasonal classics.

We also offer Vanilla Extract, Maple Extract, Almond Extract, Lemon Extract and Orange Extract– Great for crafting beer, chocolates, cocktails, ice cream and more. All are available by the quart.

Vanilla Beans (4oz)- Grown and cured in Vera Cruz, Mexico by a fourth-generation family of vanilla farmers. The excellent unique flavor of these large beans are the ideal addition to any baking application.

Vanilla Puree (quart)- Intense and concentrated house blend purée makes a wonderful addition to a mocha, drizzled over pancakes, added to a pork or salmon glaze, stirred into a craft cocktail, or baked into coffeecake.

Pure Vanilla Powder (1.5# jar)- Vanilla bean extractives in a dextrose base; ideal for adding concentrated vanilla flavor without the alcohol found in liquid extract.

Sweet Dough Powder (1.5# jar)- Natural sweet vanilla and citrus flavors in a dextrose base add delicious flavor to pancake and waffle mixes, cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, pastries, and more.

We also offer Vanilla Sugar in a 2# jar, as well as Cinnamon Sugar in a 2# jar.

Market Outlook - November 21, 2019

j. marchini farms

castel franco st 300x300J. Marchini Farms is owned and operated by the father-son team, Joe and Jeff Marchini. Growing up on his family farm, Joe Marchini enjoyed gardening from a young age, starting with tomatoes. In the ‘80s, Joe began experimenting with a lettuce seed from Italy called radicchio, making him the original radicchio grower in the U.S. The Marchini family now grows several varieties of Italian specialty vegetables, including multiple varieties of chicories. Chicories are a closely related group of leafy vegetables that exhibit a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Chicories are quite versatile and may be used in any manner of culinary techniques. They are excellent raw in salads, and have a sturdy texture that is great for both braising and grilling. We are pleased to offer the following varieties from J. Marchini Farms (LeGrand, CA):
Radicchio– Globe shaped, similar looking to a small head of red lettuce or cabbage with a distinctive bitter flavor. 12 count case or by the each.

(NEW) Bianco Radicchio– Similar to traditional red radicchio, Bianco has a green leaf and white stems. 12 count case only.

(NEW) Verona Radicchio– A traditionally red/purple radicchio with an elongated egg shape. 12 count case only.

Treviso Radicchio– A radicchio with romaine shaped heads of red and white. 12 count case only.

Castelfranco– Seasonal variety with the mildest flavor of all the chicories. Individual heads with attractive purple red flecked, creamy white leaves. 12 count case only.

Puntarelle– Puntarelle has an elongated shape, light green stems, and dandelion shaped leaves. It also has a pleasantly bitter taste, characteristic of chicories. 12 count case only.

Mixed Chicory– A “Toy-Box” of Treviso, Castelfranco and Radicchio. 12 count case only.

Fennel– The fennel bulb’s texture is similar to celery and can be thinly sliced and roasted, sautéed or boiled. The fronds can be minced and added to dishes the way you would use a fresh herb, making this root vegetable nearly entirely edible. Fennel is slightly sweet with a hint of black licorice. Sold by the 12 count case or by the piece.

holiday beverages

clover eggnog mc 300x300North Fork Chai Concentrate– An aromatic, spicy, and sweet concentrate from North Fork Chai Co. in Newcastle, CA. This concentrate boasts high quality, simple ingredients that are full of flavor. Simply add 2 ounces of concentrate to 12 ounces of your milk of choice for an outstanding chai latte. Sold by the gallon.

TCHO Drinking Chocolate– Made from ground up dark chocolate bars to create an intensely rich, deep fudgy flavor. Reminiscent of decadent European-style drinking chocolate, TCHO’s not-too-sweet version is perfect for making a cozy cup of extraordinary hot chocolate. Sold by the 3.3# bag.

Clover Eggnog– A holiday classic! Creamy and perfectly spiced eggnog from Clover Sonoma. Clover’s simple ingredients lead to a rich, homemade taste. Sold by the half gallon.

Barsotti’s Apple Cider– 100% apple juice. Depending on the season, Barsotti swaps their apple “juice” label to read apple “cider”. Perfect foundation for multiple holiday favorites such as hot spiced apple cider, apple chai lattes, or apple cider cocktails. Sold by the gallon.

numi tea

Tea box st 300x300Numi Tea blends premium full-leaf quality teas and herbs with only 100% real fruits, flowers, and spices for the perfect balance of richness and nuance. All of their teas are USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, and Halal. Numi teas are packed in verified non-GMO compostable filter-paper tea bags. Each tea is sold by the individual box. We currently stock the following varieties:

Black teas
Aged Earl Grey (18ct box)- Assam black tea aged with real bergamot orange.
Breakfast Blend (18ct box)- a rich hearty blend of black teas.
Green teas
Jasmine Green (18ct box)– green tea scented with real jasmine blossoms.
Gunpowder Green (18ct box)- full leaf, smooth green tea pearls.
White Teas
Orange Spice (16ct box)- white tea, real orange peel & spice.
White Rose (16ct box)- white tea and fragrant rose buds.
Herbal Teas (Teasans)
Moroccan Mint (18ct box)- refreshing sweet mint leaves.
Chamomile Lemon (18ct box)- sweet flowers and bright lemon myrtle.
Rooibos Chai (18ct box)- warming spices and earthy vanilla tones.
Honeybush (18ct box)- sweet honey South African nectar.
Decaf Tea
Decaf Ginger Lemon (16ct box)- decaf green tea, ginger and lemongrass.
Turmeric teas
Turmeric Amber Sun (12ct box)- with rooibos, cinnamon and vanilla.
Cold Brew Iced Teas
Each bag brews 1 gallon of tea. Sold by the 24ct box only.
Berried Treasures– A blend of dried hibiscus, currants, pineapple, apple, cherries, and bananas for a natural sweetness.
High Mountain Black Tea– Made of the finest whole leaf, single-estate black tea leaves. Low in astringency, rich in flavor, and clean on the palate.
Citrus Green Tea– Smooth green tea infused with a refreshing lemon zest.
To help elevate your tea service, we will provide a complimentary tea display rack or wood chest when you buy 8 or more boxes!

Market Outlook - November 14, 2019

riverdog farm seasonal favorites

spinach riverdog bloomsdale 300X300Riverdog is a 450 acre, certified organic, diversified family farm located in Guinda (Capay Valley), CA since 1990. Owners Trini Campbell and Tim Mueller grow a variety of fruits and vegetables using a system that promotes healthy soil and a sustainable ecosystem around the farm. Although we offer an array of produce from Riverdog, here are some seasonal favorites we are currently stocking:

Bloomsdale Spinach– A sweet, heirloom variety with a deeper and more interesting flavor than the standard flat leaf spinach. Each leaf is heavily crinkled, giving it a heartier texture perfect for sauté-ing or wilting; no need to separate leaves from the stem. It may also be enjoyed in salads, appetizers, soups and braises. 4# case.
Chard– Varietal chard has deep green leaves and brightly colored stalks. Chard has a more mild flavor in comparison to other leafy vegetables. It can be tough when eaten raw, so it is best sautéed or braised after removing the stem from the leaf. We are currently offering the sweet, leafy green in three different colors from Riverdog. Green and red chard are both sold by the 12 bunch case or by the bunch. Rainbow chard is sold by the 12 bunch case only.
Collard Greens– A southern cooking staple! Collards have dark green leaves with tough stems and tend to be very bitter. A long and slow cooking process will create a more mild flavor and tender texture. They are most commonly sautéed and then simmered for a few hours. Collards are sold by the 12 bunch case or per 3 bunches.
King Richard Leeks– An heirloom variety of leeks with an edible 6-10 inch blanched white stalk; longer than the traditional leek. Their flavor is sweet and delicate. The tough, strappy, green leaves should be trimmed away, leaving the pale green and beautiful white stalk. King Richard Leeks add wonderful flavor to stocks, soups, stews and braises. They can also be blanched and served chilled in salads, fried for garnishes, or grilled as a vegetable side. Available in a 12ct case.

Twin peaks orchards

twin peaks mandarins 300x300Founded in 1912, Twin Peaks Orchard is a 5th generation family farm specializing in a variety of stone fruit, citrus, and persimmons. Twin Peaks also has a small organic section called Orchard Delights that is personally operated by our very own Camelia Enriquez Miller. We are proud to offer the following seasonal items:

Satsuma Mandarins- a seedless, easy to peel mandarin with rich, tart-sweet flavor. Satsuma Mandarins thrive in the foothills of Placer County as both elevation and the pattern of cool nights contribute to a healthy crop. 25# case or by the pound.

Meyer Lemons- most likely a cross between a lemon and a mandarin. The Meyer is somewhat smaller than a regular lemon, rounder in shape, with smooth skin, and a distinct taste as the flesh is much less acidic making them sweeter than other varieties. 10# case or by the pound.

Amagaki Persimmons– Also known as cinnamon persimmons, these sweet beauties are golden fleshed with brown flecks. Amagaki persimmons have a buttery texture and a cinnamon sweetness. They are more astringent than Fuyus but Twin Peaks has perfected a curing process that removes the astringency. It leaves the Amagaki crisp yet creamy with an unmatched sweet flavor. Amagakis are larger than Fuyus, and have a great shelf life. They are delicious enjoyed out of hand, in salads, and can be lightly cooked but not baked. Available in a 10# case only.

cowgirl creamery

hop along cowgirl mc 300x300Cowgirl Creamery was founded by Sue Conley and Peggy Smith in 1997. Prior to, both women established careers in prominent Bay area kitchens. Two decades later, they’ve earned dozens of awards, have 2 creameries and 4 retail stores, and they have produced over 2,000 tons of cheese that is loved by chefs and consumers alike. Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are recognized and loved for their unique flavor profiles and high quality ingredients. One reason that Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are so special and delicious is that each cheese starts with milk made from only one source creating distinct flavors that can’t be created anywhere else. We proudly offer the following:

Mt. Tam– Their first aged, soft-ripened cheese is named for a Northern California landmark, Mt. Tamalpais. This elegant triple cream cheese has the delectable flavor of cultured butter with hints of white mushroom. Mt. Tam starts with milk from Straus Family Creamery. Available year-round. 8oz round.

Red Hawk– This cheese cannot be made anywhere else because the wild bacteria that defines this bold, sumptuous cheese are native to Point Reyes. Red Hawk is aged four weeks and washed with a brine solution that creates the sunset red-orange rind. Its flavor is rich and smooth, complemented by pungent aromas. Available year-round. 8oz round.

Hop Along– A rich, semi-firm organic cow's milk cheese washed with organic cider and aged 45 days. Hop Along offers bright acidity and flavors of brown bread and milk chocolate with a distinct savory note toward the rind. Hop Along is only available seasonally and will be in stock for the next few weeks. 5# wheel.

Chimney Rock- During four weeks of aging, this soft cheese develops a bloomy rind which is then spritzed with wine. It is then rolled in dried shiitake mushrooms, black pepper, and summer savory. Chimney Rock is a soft textured cheese with earthy flavors and hints of apricot and orange blossom. Only available during the fall. 8oz round.