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Market Outlook - March 15, 2018

delta asparagus

The transition to Delta Asparagus is finally happening! We have received a limited supply of our first of the season Delta Asparagus. As exciting as this is, we need to preface this by saying that supplies will be tight at first which may cause us to have to occasionally supplement our warehouse with deliveries of California Asparagus (not from the Delta). It is possible that you will receive Delta Asparagus on one delivery and California on the next. As supplies catch up in the coming weeks, we will not have the need to supplement with Southern California ‘grass’. Asparagus is packed in five sizes: Pencil, Standard, Large, X-tra Large and Jumbo. The size of the asparagus you choose should be determined by how you intend to cook it. Pencil (about the diameter of a pencil) is best for sauté/ stir-frys and very quick cooking. Standard (roughly the diameter of your pinky finger) is the most common size and is great blanched in chilled salads or cold appetizers. Large (the diameter of your index finger) is great for grilling as it will allow you to add a nice char and still be al dente. Xtra-Large and Jumbo (about the diameter of your thumb) is perfect for longer cooking applications like roasting or braising. It is important to know that size has no bearing on flavor or color. Both Delta Asparagus and California Asparagus packed in 28# cases only.

chocolate fish coffee tasting

Do you want to learn more about what makes Chocolate Fish Coffee so unique and delicious? Join us on Monday, March 19 from 10AM-12PM for a tasting and education class at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, located at 4749 Folsom Blvd. in East Sacramento. We will taste multiple varieties, learn about the best ratios when brewing Chocolate Fish, and about their direct relationships with their farmers. They purchase coffee seasonally to maintain freshness, and they roast to bring out the natural sweetness and fruit acidity in coffee, not just the color of the bean. Space is limited. To RSVP, please contact your sales rep, or call/text Marissa with inside sales at (916) 956-5536. We offer three varieties of Chocolate Fish Coffee whole or ground in 5# bags– Brazil, Espresso, and Decaf.


california olive ranch
new 50/50 chef's blend

Since 2007, California Olive Ranch’s extra virgin olive oils have been used by James Beard Award winning chefs all over the country. There are several factors that contribute to the high quality of California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Canola/EVOO blends. Their oils are made using the finest olives, grown in Northern California by over 70 family farmers. The olives are harvested at just the right time- when they are the perfect 50/50 ratio of green and purple, creating a nice balance between bitter/pungent flavors and a more mild/buttery oil. California Olive Ranch harvests mechanically using top harvesters to pick fruit at peak ripeness, and minimizes damage to the fruit by never letting them touch the ground. We are proud to offer the following from California Olive Ranch:

  • NEW 50/50 Chef’s Blend– made with a 50/50 blend of Canola and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is milder in flavor and lighter in color than pure olive oils. It is ideal for high-heat cooking and is great for recipes that require a light taste profile. Available in a 5 gallon box, $98.75.
  • 80/20 Chef’s Blend– an all-purpose blend of 80% non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil and 20% extra virgin olive oil. Versatile for most any cooking application, a mild and buttery blend with light hints of fresh olive flavor. Available in a 5 gallon box, $69.75.
  • Corblend (Everyday) Extra Virgin Olive Oil- high smoke point for versatile kitchen use. This blend of Arbequina and Arbosana has mild fruitiness and slight pungency. Available in a 2.5 gallon box, $84.75.
  • Arbequina– this single varietal works well for vinaigrettes and finishings thanks to its high fruitiness, balanced pungency and pleasing clean taste. Available in a 2.5 gallon box, $87.75.

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