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Market Outlook - June 20, 2018

local squash

We are pleased to offer an array of summer squash from Maciel Farm (Gridley, CA), Castaneda Brothers (Vacaville, CA), and Del Rio Botanical (West Sacramento). While Italian and Yellow Squash are available year round, Summer Squashes are enjoyed for their tender flesh and skin with mild, buttery flavor, and high moisture content. They vary in color, size, and shape but should be bright and heavy for their size.

  • Toy Box Squash– variety of squashes listed below available in a 20# case.
  • Italian Squash (Zucchini)- available by the 25# case or by the pound.
  • Yellow Squash- available by the 22# case or by the pound.
  • Gold Bar- similar shape as zucchini but with bright yellow skin and white flesh. Fewer seeds result in a sturdy squash perfect for sauté or grilling. They are best stored at room temperature. Available by the 20# case or by the pound.
  • Grey (Mexican Squash)- grey/green in color, shorter and more rounded than zucchini with sweeter flavor. Available by the 22# case only.
  • Sunburst (yellow) and Summer (light green)- saucer shaped and scalloped with crimped, pie-like edges. Available by the 22# case only.
  • Ronde Nice (Eightball)- stores very well and tender flesh makes them perfect for grilling, baking & stuffing. Available in a variety of colors throughout the season. 22# case.
  • Del Rio Botanical Mixed Baby Squash– filled with a variety of the squashes listed above in baby size. Available in a 10# case.
  • Del Rio Botanical Mixed Teenage Squash– filled with a variety of the squashes listed above. Available in a 10# case.

local blenheim apricots

We are excited to now have local Blenheim Apricots from Polestar Farm located in Capay Valley! Available by the 12# case or by the pound. The Blenheim Apricot is a small sized heirloom variety that is both sweet and tart. The tartness is balanced by high sugar content. Blenheims coloring is golden with rose blush and green shoulders. Don’t let the green color fool because regardless of the lighter color skin, the flesh is a beautiful deep orange and is full of flavor. As farmers move towards growing earlier-maturing varieties that travel better, Blenheims are slowly disappearing, earning a spot on the Slow Food Ark of Taste list. This will be a short season; order them while you can! Dry them, preserve them, or make jam to enjoy a year-long treat! Enjoy the harvest!


summer farmer's market 2018

Our annual Summer Farmer’s Market is just around the corner! We throw this event every summer to celebrate all things farm-to-fork and the seasonal bounty of the Sacramento Valley. It is our way of saying THANK YOU to the farmers for all their hard work throughout the year and to all the chefs who support them by buying from Produce Express! We are excited to have the following farms and restaurants participating this year! Thank you all!

Farms & Purveyors

Del Rio Botanical ● Twin Peaks Orchards ● Ray Yueng Farm ● Early Bird Farm ● Riverdog Farm ● Dwelley Farms ● Premier Mushrooms ● Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms ● California Endive ● Vierra Farm ● Full Belly Farm ● Sacramento Sprouting Co. ● Produce Alive ● Elegant Beans & Beyond ● Hodo Soy ● DiNapoli Specialty Foods ● Paradiso Foods ● Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters ● Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese ● Orland Farmstead Creamery ● Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese ● Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. ● Nicolau Farms ● Queso Salazar ● Clover Sonoma ● Z Specialty Food ● Casa Sanchez Foods ● California Olive Ranch ● Sparrow Lane Vinegar ● Tampico Spice ● Nippon Shokken ● NutHouse! Granola Company ● Mi Rancho Tortillas ● Paragary Bakery ● and more!


Espresso Metro ● Poor Red’s BBQ ● Inn at Park Winters ● Farm Land Street ● Sierra View Country Club ● Devine Gelateria ● Carlton Plaza Davis ● Pizza Supreme Being ● The Rind ● Sac City Brews ● Bella Familia Pizza ● Mulvaney’s B&L ● Kupros Bistro ● Origami Asian Grill ● Bella Bru ● Estacion DF ● Twelve 28 ● Adamo’s ● Messy’s ● Formaggio ● Il Pizzaioli ● and more!


Thank you to the following partners for joining us and bringing hundreds of dollars in free raffle prizes: MAC Knife ● Stagger Lee Goods (aprons & more) ● Excalibur Dehydrators ● Placer Grown ● Various restaurant gift cards