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Almond Milk

We are proud to now offer Blue Diamond Almond Milk! Blue Diamond Almonds was founded in Sacramento in 1910, and was originally known as The California Almond Growers Exchange. The Exchange adopted the rare blue diamond as their logo in 1915, and officially became Blue Diamond Growers in 1980. The original plant still functions as a production facility spanning 1.3 million square feet over 11 blocks in Midtown Sacramento. In 2012, the facility was renovated to hold a 6,500 square foot almond research center, as well as an almond store and visitor center.

Today, Blue Diamond has a co-operative of over 3,000 California growers who produce the finest almonds for raw consumption, and various almond products like their luscious almond milk. All varieties of Blue Diamond almond milk start with real California almonds and are a deliciously creamy alternative to dairy and soymilk.

Almond Milk, Barista Blend

Almond Milk, Barista Blend

Thicker, creamier consistency made specifically for use in coffee drinks.

Almond Milk, Original

Almond Milk, Original

Deliciously creamy and made with real California Almonds.