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Granola - Nut House

Granola - Nut House


Nut House Granola is locally made and packed with whole nuts, juicy fruit, and pure maple syrup. The granola is mixed by hand in small batches then slowly baked to create a beautiful granola that is perfectly balanced in richness, sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness. The final product is rustic and delicious and has an addictive texture.


Use as a cold cereal, as a fruit crisp topping, add to muffins and pastries for added texture, eat out of hand as trail-mix, as a garnish for hot cereals.


Nut House Granola is made in Berkeley, CA using all natural ingredients including California farm-direct Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans and Raisins, Organic Oats, Coconut, Agave Syrup, and Non-GMO Verified Canola Oil. We offer Nut House Original Granola in convenient 10# bags.

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